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Rupa Islan
02 de ago. de 2022
In Discussões Gerais
Nowadays, the screen of mobile phones is getting bigger and bigger, which brings a lot of difficulties to one-handed operation. Many os and apps provide more convenient gesture interaction for one-handed operation, so that users can use it easily. 1. One-handed zoom "Gode" provides a variety of gesture operations for map zooming to cope with different scenarios: two-finger rubbing and zooming in Buy email list conventional scenarios; double-clicking in one-handed scenarios to zoom in on the map in a certain proportion, and double-pressing and sliding for seamless zooming The map completely solves the unfriendliness of one hand for zooming the map. 2. Fast forward and rewind with one hand The full-screen playback state of the film and television app basically forms a complete set of interactive operation minds, and functions such as brightness, volume, fast forward and backward, and speed playback are realized through operations such as sliding left and right, sliding up and down, and long pressing in the area, and using gestures to help users as much as possible The basic operation can be quickly realized in the one-handed state. 3. System-level one-handed mode The screen is too big to control with one hand? At present, the vast majority of Android OS can trigger the one-handed mode through different gesture operations, enabling users to touch all content with one hand at the expense of screen ratio; for example, Huawei's "Hongmeng" hovers horizontally at the bottom. trigger.
Gesture Design | The Mystery of Fingertips on the Big Screen
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Rupa Islan

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