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Reverse-Engineering Prototypes Of Your Next Product HOW TO START A SOFTWARES IT December 7, 2005, by David G. Jones, Gartner SRI- California _____ Mobile technology advances: Cell phones have come a long way. The latest type of mobile device is likely to be the most popular of 2005, and the hottest trend in mobile is likely to be Location Based Services (LBS). According to a recent survey from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 19 percent of adults surveyed had used an online product or service that used their location as a factor in its marketing. In other words, LBS is the next big thing in mobile, and just as the automotive industry had to get with the program, so has the mobile industry. "Mobile adoption in the future will be driven by the use of location," according to a recent white paper from marketing services company, Nielson. _____ Opinions vary on the feasibility of LBS, but the strategy makes a lot of sense. Studies indicate that location-based services are popular because they are very useful and the technology is easy to use. In most cases, location-based services are easier to use than traditional methods of marketing that require time, energy, and resources. PROTOTYPING THE NEXT PRODUCT OF YOUR BUSINESS December 7, 2005 by David G. Jones, Gartner SRI- California _____ Mobility is becoming a very powerful force. Companies are creating ways to put mobile computing in the hands of people and they need tools to help understand, evaluate, test and prototype mobile solutions for their products. This article provides a primer on those tools and how to effectively use them. _____ NRTL-GASCO The National Research Council's Computational and Statistical Mechanics Laboratory is establishing a world-class computing infrastructure that will enable researchers to address the most challenging computational problems. Mobile technology is the next big thing, and the best research institutions have to keep up with the latest developments in the field. The National Research Council, also known as the National Academy of Sciences, is the federal agency that sets the standards for advancing and advising the nation on science and technology. The Laboratory is intended to create the capacity to conduct challenging research and training in computational chemistry, computer modeling, computer simulation, data analysis, data visualization, and statistics that may be applied to such fields as atomic structure, condensed matter physics, protein science, theoretical biophysics, and bioinformat

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